My Birthday

Thursday, February 9, 2006

More of God's power

This is more of the power of God, called tornado aftermath. I had just paid off my Camry. There was a tree on top of it, then hubby's truck upside down on top of the tree and his boat on top of that. That is what the EMT told us. I would have liked to have seen it but the truck was leaking gas and they had to knock it down. The title to the car was in the mail. I sure did like that car.
The root system is from 1 of 4 oak trees that were uprooted. Big weren't they. And the other one was a mystery until Jerry's uncle told me what it was. This pic is the shell of my washing machine. It was about 50 feet away. The power of God is awesome and if he isn't ready for you, you do not go. All I can do is praise Him.

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