My Birthday

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Daddy's Little Girl

Ok! Here is Daddy's girl Lucy. She is full of personality but she doesn't like strangers. She follows her Daddy around especially when he is going to the FOOD box. Her favorite passtime is eating but we had to cut down. She is getting her girlish figure back. Her other favorite passtime is sitting in her Daddy's lap. She loves her Daddy. Posted by Picasa

Guess What? Some more learning!

As you can see there are pics on here. I finally found my camera. It wasn' t the one I was looking for but I am learning to use it. It is a Fuji FinePiz A360. Software came with it; but you know I think I am going to like the free Picasa2 from google for doing things with my pics. I will try to link it here: Hmmm let's see it this works. That was easy enough. This is a great program and from there you can get Hello. That one is nice for posting pics right on to your blog. I really like google. So here I am learning some more. Hey try it. Google has a nice blogger program. And most of all these are free. Looking forward to seeing what is in the future!!
This is my prized possesion. She is Mrs Albee, my award for making President's Club with Avon. Yep I am a rep. I enjoy it. Not looking to make "millions" just have fun and enjoy good products. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Still No Camera

Ok! Did some looking around. Sam's had 3 and they were locked up behind the returns desk so a person wouldn't even know they sold them. Too high in price. I think I will wait until Wal-Mart stocks up again. At least I "think" I know what I want. A Kodak Easy Share CD33. I don't want to learn with and expensive one. Something to look forward to.

Well the shopping trip with my friend did the trick. I feel much better. Got some cd's and some ummm much needed yarn.

My yarn stash is really building. I am looking at a Round Ripple baby afghan to make. If you look on Woodhill Designs link found here you will see the beautiful baby afghan I would like to make. I have Caron Simply Soft in Cream, mint green, pink and soft yellow. What do you think? Nice soft colors in my opinion. Now I just need to, yep, start another project. I sure have a bunch of WIP going on.
That is what we 'hookers' do. Collect and crochet. Hugs to all my Internet crochet friends. We sure are having fun!!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Hmmm Day After Christmas Blahs

I have been 1 week on vacation and now I feel the need to get out of the house. Tomorrow is an after Christmas shopping day. Shopping always perks up us ladies. Maybe I can even find a SALE!! Now that would do it ** don't you think? I checked Wal-Mart's website and the Kodak digital that I want is out of stock. Well I am not surprised!! It IS right after Christmas. What did I expect****a sale. Why of course. Maybe I can find my camera some place else.

Don't like this blah feeling. It is almost like cabin fever. Tomorrow before I head out to the mall I plan to do the Curves thing. I have only been with it a few days and then they closed for 4 whole days. I know I will feel better after I had worked my heart some.

I had planned to do alot of crocheting but alas that didn't pan out either. Not that I couldn't; I just didn't. Really need a pick me up. I don't want to bore you with my being a little down so I will sign off til I am feeling a bit perkier.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Now let's try the picture. I have been having some trouble in this area. Actually the pictures is why I wanted to do a blog**well among other things. Ok let go!!

Well goodness gracious. Looks like I did it!!!

Here We Go Again

Don't ya just know it. I have tried and tried some more; so why not do it again. Learning these simple little programs is amazing to me. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. So we will see just what happens here.
The digital camera should soon be in my hands. Looking for those after Christmas sales. Just love those electronic sales. Don't you? Please forgive me for rambling. I do that well. I really like my computer and want to get the most out of it. So join me if you will, for this either interesting or frustrating ride.