My Birthday

Friday, January 27, 2006

Always Making More

Here we go again. This is just a little more of my cloths. I am hoping this weekend will be profitable in the making of more. We need all we can get. You see there is always a need out there. I also want to get going on bandages. These are small projects but I don't work all that fast. I love it though. It is so much fun. Posted by Picasa

My Bingo Prezzies

We play bingo at Love's Many Cloths and this is the first time I have ever won. I just love my prize. More cotton to make cloths. One can never have enough cotton.

Do you see that little red and white thing sitting on the blue yarn? Well that is a much needed stitch counter, just right for my needles.
A great big "Thank you Beverly" That was fun. Can't wait to play again. I hope someone else has the fun of winning the next one.

Come on ya'll!! If you like the small stuff come join us in Love's Many Cloths. It is a super yahoo
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Friday, January 20, 2006

Curves Update

I sure wish I had a pic of a thinning me but it doesn't show yet. I did well after 1 month of 3 days a week. Ok! The inches came off my arms***can you believe that?? I lost 1/2 inch off each arm and nowhere else. The pounds are down by 4 yippee. Now for the good part. I lost 2.2% body fat in 1 month. I started with 40%. I should have 25%. I think those figures are right. Now I am looking forward to the next month's weigh in. I should look better in a bathing suit this year. Now I know what you are thinking. No I do not expect to post a before and after swim suit picture. And no I don't think so! You know, posting an after one either. Maybe in shorts??? If I do well. Remember now, I am not a spring chicken.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ready To Send

Here I have a box of cloths ready to be sent out. These are going to SWAN in time for Valentines Day. This is Martin Luther King Day and I am off from school. Today I expect to work on WIP. I am almost finished with my homespun knitted prayer shawl so I think that is the one I will tackle. It is the knitted one and I really want it out of the way. The only knitting I plan to do from now on is some knitted cloths for Loves.
I was working on an angel for Angels for Hope last night and I had to frog 3 times only because I didn't want to get up and look at the pattern. I finally have that one down to memory.
Oh yeh, this is Monday-workout day- so as soon as I feel awake I will go. Yes, I really will. I am reporting in, remember, so I need to show a weight loss or inches coming off.
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Sunday, January 15, 2006


OK friends!!! I joined curves Jan 21. My weight-well- I can't really tell for sure because the Dr's scale said 159 ouch!! Curves scale said 156 the same day. I think I will take that one. I bought a digital scale from Avon. hmm remember I am a rep. Got a good deal. This morning it read 152.6. I am telling you this because I am losing weight. Praise the Lord. It was He that put the desire to get serious about my declining body.
So ya'll will be traveling this road with me. You will see the ups and I hope there are no downs. If you are contemplating joining Curves by all means do it. In 30 fast minutes you are finished. It is a lot of fun and you WILL see results. This was a very good decision especially for my aging body. Wish me God's blessing on this endevour. Thank you, friends
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New Project for Loves

We have just started making leper bandages for India. The ministry is Global Health Ministry if you would like to take a look. This too is a worthy cause. These bandages are 3 or 4 inches wide and 4 feet long. They are make of 100% cotton. Natural or White (no dyed please) The stitch is double crochet made with an 'H' hook, so if you would like to take a break from whatever you are working on, you can make some and either send them to me for forwarding or I am sure we can send you the addy to mail direct. What we would like to do is send some in bulk. Any help will be appreciated. We have so many projects and not many hands. Loves is a great group. Posted by Picasa

Almost Finished with Valentine Swan's

This is the finish up part. I have one more for the Valentine SWAN mailing. Now personally I really like these and being the granny they go pretty fast. I must make some more of these. Posted by Picasa

Valentine for Loves

Still making cloths for Loves Many Cloths. My shoe box is about full and ready to mail. This batch is going to SWAN. The knit cloths sure are pretty but this gal loves to crochet. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Now for my Favorite

This is a swan cloth made for Southern Womens Action Network out of Baton Rouge LA. and America Responds with Love, Inc. based in Valley Forge PA. They are in close contact with those who are enduring hardships and are in need of a special gift. We have also just started making bandages for an organization called Global Health Ministries. ( These projects go fast and have been so greatly appreciated. Won't you join us. We are called Love's Many Cloths. Click on the link near the bottom of my blog to join. You will be greatly blessed. Posted by Picasa

Finished Project (a little one)

Called UBW hat, this one was found on Dot Matthews web site. The UBW stands for ugly but warm. This hat has 12 rounds and can be made in less than an hour. I am slow and I did it. WOW Can't believe I did. It is very easy. Made with 2 strands held together using an "M" hook. I stretches to fit a child to an adult. Posted by Picasa

Thermal Blanket

This pattern was found online at It is a thermal stitch preemie blanket and like the previous one it is getting big. I decided to make it so it would fit nicely over me while I watch my favorite TV shows: Law & Order, CSI and The Closer. It too is a WIP. It will take a little while longer to finish because the stitches are in sc and called single crochet front back bobble. I love this stitch. It is designed by Julie A Bolduc. It really feels like a thermal blanket. Posted by Picasa

Shell Stitch Baby Blanket

Here is another baby blanket done in crochet. A Preemie Coverlet found at Bev's Country Cottage. I do have a bit more to do on this one because I want it bigger. This blanket is made with Red Heart Soft Baby in Powder Pink. It is made with an "F" hook and is very soft and drapes well. On Bev's site this is called "Bev's Preemie Coverlet" Posted by Picasa

Round Cheveron Baby Afghan

This very pretty baby afghan is a pattern from Mary Maxim. It is made in Bernat baby co-ordinates in 7 different colors. The whole blanket is made in double crochet and is a lot easier than it looks. This blanket will definitely be made again. Posted by Picasa

Prayer Shawl

This shawl is made from Lion Brand Homespun yarn. This is the first time that I have used it. I wanted to crochet it but had a yarn time seeing the stitches so I decided to knit because I can feel the stitches. I have since bought more homespun "on sale" and plan to do something with it in crochet--my preferred method. I am almost finished to this WIP. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 2, 2006

Some of my Cloths

I love making cloths for Love's Many Cloths, a wonderful yahoo group. Here is a sample of what we make. They go to charity groups. These are so much fun to make. Personally I like to crochet them. I have knit a few and they are very nice.

My new camera is working very nicely. Now I can post my projects***if I can ever finish them.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!
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This is Molly. She is my furry baby. She lost her eye in the tornado that we all survived. A brave little girl she is. Her favorite passtime is playing. Here she is saying "Please play with Me!" Her 2nd favorite passtime is laying in her Mommy's lap. Posted by Picasa