My Birthday

Friday, June 20, 2008

Camping Hard

My little fur babies really love to go camping. They camp so hard that they just have to take a much needed break. Here are Lucy and Molly just chillin' out.

Finished More Bears

I have kinda been getting burned out on making the large bears. I really like the finished product though in the knit. After the one I now have on my needles I think I will do some in crochet. I love the project idea and the large bears are wonderful for the nursing homes. More hands are needed in this project. Now when it comes to the bears for kids.......well even the knit ones go faster. So this is what I have finished. I have 10 coming my way so I should very soon be able to deliver then to our local nursing home. And you know.........I do believe that in the long run the adults will appreciate these bears more than the children. The bears for the adults will bring back cherished memories and the children will soon tire of them. So the dilemma goes on.

Being filled

It has been a bit since I have posted. Can't say that I have been real busy. I know I could have used my time more wisely. I came in contact with a long lost friend about 2 weeks ago and I know it was God's doing. I had gotten out of reading His word and now I feel such a yearning for it. Oh how I have missed it. I started reading in James and am going through to Revelation and then where ever I am led to read. The version I am using is the Message. I know! I know! You wouldn't call it a good study bible. But I am not being led at the moment to do that. I am to just read right now. And this is a good translation for doing just that. I am using the Remix. God doesn't like it when "other" things start to take precedent......He is a very jealous God......