My Birthday

Saturday, January 26, 2008

No 14 lapghan

This is number 14 lapghan that I have joined....ooops I am sorry, Wendy joined 1 of them to go to Lake City FL. This makes that last one going to Lake City. I want to thank several gals who made the squares for this project. Thank you to: Suz, Sharon K, Kay K, Marilyn from CA Nancy D, Judy G, Doris B, Joyce F and Judith (I am sorry I don't have her last name or state). Must have gotten accidentally thrown away. I do that a lot. Don't mean to I just do..LOL.

Most of the squares in this one seem to be done in Caron Simply Soft. I just love the colors that are in that yarn. I wish I, for sure, knew the name of it.

Ok I do have several more to join. I am not sure where I will send them. I don't think Landstahl is collecting right now. They have to be a certain size and I have not been able to attain the correct size except maybe 1 lapghan..

I hope to get the rest done in a timely manner. I do work full time and have other crafts in the works too.

I like the brightness of this one.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another pair for Hubby

Finished another pair of socks for hubby. This is my first real pair with the toe up and Judy Becker's cast on. I made these from wool-ease and he likes them fine but he said they didn't keep his feet warn. He now has two pair of wool-ease socks and I will be making him wool from now on.

I love the way this cast on looks and it is so easy to do. This is why I want to do only toe up. But will still use double points at some point. I think!

A Tiny Start to my Toe Up

Ok here is another blurry picture. I hate when that happens. Anyway, this should be a pair of socks done toe up with a heel flap. This is the first time trying it. I am using 2 circs because I don't have one long enough for the magic loop. Going to order the 40 " from KnitPicks as soon as they are available. And it is real soon. I sure hope these turn out because toe up is the only way to go.

Finally finished his sweater

It has taken me a long time to do this simple sweater because I prefer smaller projects. Hubby loves it and that makes it so worthwhile. He is so appreciative of the things I make for him. I started making him socks and he wants me to keep it up. Oh how I love that man!

This sweater was knit from the top down using a size 9 and a 6 for the ribbing. I used a pattern from Pure and Simple Patterns. It was really easy but too much time for my taste.