My Birthday

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here We Are

I don't know why I can't add my pictures in order.....Oh well

Jerry has been doing some much needed relaxing. We are in the shade but it still has been hot.

Another view of our Sprinter sitting at Lazy Acres RV Park in Elberta AL

We would like to come back but this is no weekend visit. It took just over 3 hours to get here. Jerry did not like Interstate driving pulling our camper. We will be going home a different way.

Here We Go

Of course I didn't add the pictures in the order I wanted but here they are anyway.

The mile long dirt road, at the bottom, is the one we came in on. It has been very dry so you know it was extremely dusty.

The yellow sign along the road told us where to turn.

I must say, even though my DH is an excellent driver, he did get lost. But I always knew he would find the way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mine All Mine

I got in the mood to just crochet with my cotton and this is what I came up with. It will be quite warm in the winter. Believe it or not this 100% cotton was not hot to crochet with. Not even with it on my lap. See why I love the cotton. Both warm and cool. So I have decided that I am keeping this one for me.

This Was A Big One

It was in our front yard but now it is no more. It had 13 rattles and a button. I hope papa isn't around. This one was about 4 feet.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Private Chef

My dear husband is the cook around here. And a good one at that. He is cooking salmon cakes and I must say they were soooo good.


I pushed my 4'oclocks back up and I think they may be recovering. I was heart sick when I saw what the wind did. They are looking good

Monday, June 15, 2009

Look at This

Look what the latest storm did. The wind found a channel and wow my poor 4 o'clocks. They were so tall and now they are laying down. Today I tried to lift them back up. Hope they are able to recover.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Binky Patrol

I had some cotton blend that I wanted to use. Didn't have very much but was able to put this little blanket together for the Binky Patrol chapter in FL. I hope a child will find it comforting.

Kaye, it will be mailed next week.

Trumpet Flower

A budding Trumpet flower. These are really pretty when they open up and they call the hummingbirds. We love to watch them drink nectar.

Maybe one day I can snap a picture of that.

My Sweetie

Jerry is working on cleaning up his shop. He has caught two rats but not before the darn things chewed up the cord to one of his drills.

Eventually he wants to seal it up, insulate it and put in a window A/C unit. I am glad he built this.

Update on Upsidedown Tomatoes

There are blooms on it and one tomato. You can barely see the blooms and the fruit is too small to capture in all this green.

Seems to be doing very well.

Bigger tomatoes on the buckets on the ground. Will keep checking on them.

Can hardly wait to eat them.

More Flowers

I am having a terrible time trying to post pictures together and writing about each one. The writing doesn't line up with the picture and it is so frustrating. So until I learn, I will post some of them separately.

These hydrangeas are growing next to the pump house.

More Flowers

Don't know my flowers very well. Is this a wisteria

Know What This Is

After 2 years we are finally going to have figs. Jerry got 2 fig trees from his Dad's yard. I was surprised today when I was walking around to see some on the trees. Love those fig preserves.

In Bloom

My 4'oclocks are in evening bloom. Morning too, before the sun hits them. The yellow ones are so pretty with the fushia through it. And yes, oh they smell so good.

Hope you enjoy them. Summer is a good time for picture taking.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News on my Wasp

So no picture to post but I just had to tell y'all. Last night my hubby and I were sitting outside and we saw what I believe to be a Steel Blue Cricket Hunter. We watched her as she brought her prey to her nest. She had a green grasshopper, laid it down and went into her nest turned around and came back and took the grasshopper down with her.

I was getting very attached to watching this critter and was extremely upset when this morning the nest was very much disturbed. I think that early this morning while hubby was leaving for work that he accidentally stepped on the nest. I think she is in there and hopefully will be able to dig herself out. This little critter has been fascinating to watch.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I really did it

I have been wanting to do this for several years now. So since I am on vacation and have a few wigs I decided that it was time.

It doesn't really matter what you think, I love it.

It is sooo cool in this hot FL weather. Definitely not sorry I did this.

As you can see, I can cover it up when I go out or wear a hat. I know it was a bold move and I took the plunge.

What is it?

I thought this was a red wasp. But now I don't know. I watched it as it dug a hole. See the dark dirt? I watched as he piled it up.

If you have any idea what this may be let me know. I am curious.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hats for Solomon's Porch

I have just finished these 15 hats for a teen center in Leavenworth WA named Solomon's Porch.

Two are made with the loom and the rest are crocheted. I hope the kids like them.

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Pretty Little Girl

I am so proud of my little Molly for keeping her bow in her hair. It actually stayed in overnight. Then I did her a favor and took it out. I know she didn't like it.

She loves that little birdie tail from a neighbor dog's toy. Lady Bug, who is no longer with us. Lady was my grand doggie.