My Birthday

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Finished (I Love To Say That)

Sure am so happy to say that this WIP is finished. It is a blanket for a co-worker who is going to be a Mama for the first time. I want to thank Dianne for leading me to it. This is one one Annies Attic patterns and very easy to work up. I hope she likes it. I know I do.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spring Is Approaching

It is approaching the end of February and my backyard has a little taste of spring. Looking forward to it. These are the blooms from our Japanese Maple. We have had a very mild winter here in the FL panhandle so I imagine we will have a very hot summer. Also hurricane season is fast approaching and we are told that again it will be a very active season. I praise God that we are in His hands.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Little Frogging and Two Hats Too

Take a look at this bowl. Looks like spaghetti, doesn't it? Well it is frogging. My 3rd hat. I missed a peg and couldn't fix it so this is what I got. Do you ever have days upon days like this. I am getting used to it by now***but alas I won't quit. Like the craft too much even if it does take me a long time to finish something.

These are the knifty knitters looms. I do like them and want to learn how to do straight work on them also.

Walla' Two finished hats. These are going to Michelle at Loves. I hope they work for her because these are fun to make and a nice change from the hooks and needles. Need to go put this back together again. Loves Hugs to ya'll.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Hooks Are In

Now they might not look like much but they make a difference when you use them. These are my Crystal Palace Bamboo Crochet Hooks. They are so very smooth all over. A dear friend (thanks Nancy) helped me find them. These were purchased from "Loving Traditions Yarn Shoppe on Main Street Downtown Bowling Green Ohio. (Thanks Tracy)
They are beautiful. Now to get to work.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

God is in Everything

Can you tell what this was? I was a 14 X 80 North River mobile home and it was sitting in the middle of 40 acres of mostly pasture land. At about 2: 30 in the morning of Mar 15, 2001 an F-3 (combination wind speed and movement) hit us. There was no bad weather around just a little thunderstorm. Our home was the first that it hit. Then it went on the strike some more. Sadly one man died in this tornado. I must share this: When I opened my eyes at the hospital (I had a broken shoulder**you see we were in it) there was a lady whom I had met about a week before. Her husband is a pastor. She asked me if I knew what time it happened. I did because we heard some strange sounds (not a train) and we got out of bed and went to the living room. I saw that is was 2:30 am. She told me that she awoke around that time with Jerry and I on her heart and she knew she had to pray. She had no idea why, she just knew she had to. Now I don't care what anyone thinks. I know that prayer is why we are here to tell about it and we have.

The strangest thing is that when I was in the air and could only hear the horrendous wind I had a peace that defied understanding. I had no idea if I was going to live through this and I was very ready to go be with my Lord. But He had other plans. When I came to on the ground all I could smell was pine. A branch was on me and the smell was very strong. We walked barefoot about 150 yards to my uncle's house and it felt like I was on a bed of soft pine. Jerry walked 1/4 mile in his bare feet to get help over barbed wire and debris and never cut his feet. He had a broken clavicle and we were both banged up quite a bit. But God was in total control.

This turned into a blessing because we were able to move back to Jackson Co. where we are now and in a brick house. God is always good no matter what we go through. And He does bring you the peace that passes all understanding. We give Him all praise, honor and glory.

More of God's power

This is more of the power of God, called tornado aftermath. I had just paid off my Camry. There was a tree on top of it, then hubby's truck upside down on top of the tree and his boat on top of that. That is what the EMT told us. I would have liked to have seen it but the truck was leaking gas and they had to knock it down. The title to the car was in the mail. I sure did like that car.
The root system is from 1 of 4 oak trees that were uprooted. Big weren't they. And the other one was a mystery until Jerry's uncle told me what it was. This pic is the shell of my washing machine. It was about 50 feet away. The power of God is awesome and if he isn't ready for you, you do not go. All I can do is praise Him.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Almost There

Good Morning ya'll
That is a little slang that I now use exclusively here "down south". I did manage to pick up a little more. This is home now. This area is almost there. Whenever I go down this road I look at the sky, sun and trees and for some reason find it beautiful. Even in the winter as it is here. This scene is so peaceful to my heart.
Later I will post some pics of some more of God's power and then I think you will understand why this is such a peaceful place.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

First goal

Ok. This is a goal. I really like these overalls and I haven't been able to wear them in a long time. The size is large and no I can't button them yet. But the pounds are coming off and I am going to Curves faithfully 3 times a week.

Now I must say that sometimes I don't work out as hard as others. I must remember that I am not a young lady anymore (just in my heart and mind). There have been a few times when I thought I might pass out. Now that is not a good feeling. I do want to give it my best shot though. You know, get my money's worth. But I know my limits or at least I should know them.

So here I look at my overalls (you would think I would rather get into a nice dress) and expect that before summer I will get into them. You see, this is the type of clothes that I wear to work. I love to dress this way. Denim has always been my favorite.

So count with me how long this will take. I thought about taking bets on when but then thought against it. So for now I will just look at my overalls and push for the day when I can comfortably wear them