My Birthday

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Latest Projects

This cable scarf is giving me the fits. It curls. I blocked it and it still curls, then I steamed it and believe it or not is still curls. I think maybe there isn't enough reversed stockinette between the cable and the border**since that is where it curls.

This is a cuddles done in Lamb's Pride WW. The drape is so nice that I may do a baby blanket using this stitch. Who knows??

Saturday, November 4, 2006

First Wrist Warmers

A baby hat among my first fingerless gloves or wrist warmers as they are sometimes called.

These are made with Brown Sheep cotton fleece and are soft and warm. The hat is going to Loves Cozy closet.

The gloves in the forefront are black (believe it or not) and they are for a co worker to wear under her motorcycle gloves for added protection. I was happy to do this for her. The purple (yep that is purple) are mine and the first pair I made.

These are crocheted with the half double crochet and it very easy. This pattern can be modified easily for different size hands.