My Birthday

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Favorite Spot So Far

This spot at Emerald Lake has a lot of yard space. This is a large field that my girls can run in. I really like this spot and would
have no problem retiring here.

Making Friends

As you can see Molly and I made a friend. This is Joe, who is a permanent resident of Emerald Lake in GA. Of course Molly has a friend in Eli, Joe's Peek-a Poo. Eli has been trying to make friends with Molly but as you can see she prefers the picnic table.


She is Home

Here she is set up at home. She is happy here knowing she is not going to transport us back to work. We now will be going to Emerald Lake to enjoy our camper, make friends and relax. She is going out again Memorial Day weekend back to Emerald Lake. Can't you tell I like that campground?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Coming Home

Our camper will be coming home Sunday to this spot right here. Jerry is really burned out with working 7 days a week since July 13, 2008. He needs some time to relax. And since we bought our Ford F250 we can take her anywhere.
We are looking forward to traveling to some not so far away places with friends.

First Illusion Cloth

I find I am doing some firsts with the monthly dishcloth KAL I am in. This is Easter eggs. The cloth was really easy but I had no idea what it was until I was finished and laid it like this to view. Hmmm Not bad.
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Spring is Here

After all the bad weather we have had this is a beautiful site. Our huge pecan tree is blooming with leaves. And the sky today is breathtaking. This is in our backyard. Oh how I love spring. The temp is 52 though. We are having our before Easter cold snap and it feels wonderful outside in the glorious sun.
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Aw Lucy Pooh

She misses her daddy so much when he is not home that she lays on his clothes. Can't you tell Lucy Pooh is definitely daddy's little girl.