My Birthday

Friday, December 28, 2007

Moving Right Along Toe UP

This is hubby's sock that I am working on......Oh I love the toe up. Need to get the heel more to my liking though

Ok I have finished one and started the 2nd... Got to learn how to do 2 socks ML. See mom, I told you that I could do socks with one needle.

I am so sorry that my close up is blurry. Must also learn to take pictures. In my opinion (even though you may not be able to see it) is the perfect toe. This alone will cause me to make socks this way. It is Judy Becker's toe, and sooo easy.
You sock knitters really need to try this one.

Oh BTW Hubby loves these and they are knit with woolease. We will see how they hold up.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Found a Pattern

I found what I was looking for..........A toe up recipe so to speak. These socks are for my dear hubby. They are being made in Wool Ease as you can see. They are toe up on one needle. (Magic Loop method.) See Mom I can do socks with one needle. This is where I found the recipe, so to speak...............

I also found a cast on that is perfect. The magic cast on by Judy Brecker and it is just perfect.

The socks started out really nice and I am hoping that I can add a post with a perfect sock with no holes.............Anxious to start the heel. So back to knitting I go.

First try at toe up Socks

Ok the pic isn't too clear but this is my first attempt at toe up socks. I thought I would play around with a toddler pair. The cuff of these are different so I could try 2 different bind offs. I am not happy with the way these turned out.

So off to find another pattern

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dish/wash cloths

This was done on the dishcloth loom. I was just playing around. The loom gives my fingers a bit of a break. I like how it turned out.

This is one of my made up patterns. Just a little stripping with the purl stitch. I like this one too. All I have been doing lately is knitting. Crochet is on the back burner.

Christmas Ornament

I hope you can see the image of the tree ornament. I got this pattern from our ravelry group LovesManyCloths........Thanks Christine for the pattern. I am looking forward to January's KAL cloth.

Just Me Being Silly

This is an easy K2 P2 hat done with the magic loop method of knitting with one circular needle. I have come to love this method so much that you can see on my blog that I am making socks this way.

I am a happy camper, can't ya' tell?

I may have posted this picture before. It is the One Row Scarf pattern done by the Yarn Harlot, Stephanie Pearl McPhee.

I love this pattern and have 2 of them and will definitely make some more.