My Birthday

Monday, January 30, 2012

Strawberries n Kiwi Finally Finished

Here is the Strawberries n Kiwi Socks finished.  This is one of those pairs that I found hard to stay with and am so glad they are done.

OK   This pair  as it looks right now won't be a favorite pair.....I am not happy with the way this yarn stripes so I found a pattern that will break it up some..........This is my progress so far

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another finished pair

I love the way this pair feels on my feet and they fit perfectly............What more could you ask for

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Working on my TinyToes Socks

This is wonderful yarn.....I love the feel of it...................I am using a pattern from Charlene's Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks.  It is a 4 stitch pattern called mock baby cable...........I love the look and ease of knitting it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Banana Cowl

Debi from Solomon's Porch shared this pattern and had some questions about the short rows.......I had to give it a try but I too had some issues with the short rows........I managed to figure it out but don't ask me how.  If I would make this again I know I would have to figure it out again.   Being that this was made with acrylic I wasn't able to block it, so the point tends to curl........This cowl went to Solomon's Porch in Washington State.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Favorite Pair

This has got to be one of my favorite pairs of socks.  Made with Paton's Kroy Mulberry Stripes.  I did them in a simple 2x2 pattern.  I wear them all the time.  These were made from the cuff down.

Crib Blanket

This crib blanket was sent to Solomon's Porch in Washington State........I think it turned out really pretty.

Our Little Princess

Our precious little princess Lucy Pooh.............She was a few weeks shy of her 15th birthday when we decided it was time for her to eternally sleep......She had CHF and was coughing most of the night.  We felt that her quality of life was poor and we didn't want her to chock to death.  She went very peacefully and we laid her to rest in our backyard.   Jerry poured concrete around to make a nice grave site with enough room to put Molly when her time comes.  It was the hardest thing we have ever done.  Neither one of us have had a dog that we loved so much.......Lucy was a tiny teacup Chihuahua with a big personality and she will always live in our hearts..........RIP dear little princess

Jerry grew this Sugar Cane

Beautiful Sugar Cane and the juice was oh so good.........I just wish the juice would last more than a week

Close Up

This is a close up of 2 blankets sent in my winter box to Maureen and Penny in the northeast...MA and NJ.

Winter Box

These items were sent north east to Penny and Maureen at the end of November 2011........I hope they keep someone warm this winter.........

What I have been working on

Here are a few projects that I am stock piling for various charities........Included in the photos are toe cast covers, hats both adult, baby and preemie, 3 pair of fingerless gloves and a square, several dishcloths.

Hexi-puff Progress

I love this quilt...The pattern is from ravelry and it is called the Bee Keepers Quilt.....It is one that will be unique and mine.........I expect it to be a really warm one.  This is a project that is worked on according to mood so it will gradually be growing.  So far I have 37 and I need around 300.