My Birthday

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Afghan # 19

No. 19 is finished and headed out to AZ next week. Kathy K collects these afghans for vets and hand delivers them to her local VA Hospital in Tucson. I am always amazed at how the finished projects turns out.........I really like the brown hues in this one.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What I Have Been Making

Two Cuddles made from 100% cotton in the half double crochet. These went to Granite City IL to a no kill shelter that is really in need. Many of our Loves Gals are making these and sending them on.
This is my first scarf done with Pizzaz. Done on size 10 needles with a 10 stitch cast on. I love how it looks. It was sent to list mom Penny in MA for her shelter.
I really had fun making these little baby hats. I am not sure yet where I will send these. I want to have a lot more to put in a box.

I now have another skinny scarf on my needles with Fun Fir. It too looks good. Also I am almost finished with another lapghan to be sent to an AZ VA hospital.

Let's see now........I want to make 2 more booga bags and some baby jackets, of course socks (have lots and lots of sock yarn) more little hats and cloths too. Want to try my hand at booties and my newest interest is in thread bears............Oh just to have more time and an idea of what I want to make first............That is where I lose it. So much to make and no idea where to start. Oh goodness almost forgot, I have promised 2 prayer shawls. One to Linda W....a Loves Gal and one for my sil Mae for her church............ See, I really need to get busy!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Wonderful Visit

My brother Garry and his wife Mae made a trip from up North to down south...Eastern side. On the way back up North they stopped in to see us. We met them at a very nice restaurant by the water......
I love this picture of Garry looking at the menu. We had a very pleasant meal and then headed back to our house. Our visit was short. They left the next day. It was so good to see them again.............And that being said Jerry and I are hoping to make the trip up North, OK y'all, to PA to see them again............So much depends on the price of gas. We are hoping to go this summer sometime..............