My Birthday

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Lake House

We traded in our camper for one a bit bigger. We could actually live in this one. It is a 31ft. Sprinter by Keystone and has a bunch of storage for a camper. We have it parked at our favorite spot, Emerald Lake in Colquitt GA.

Jerry is working for the owner and we can keep it there with no problem. The spot is really nice with lots of grass and wonderful neighbors. Jerry will soon be doing the cooking on the weekends and he is really looking forward to it. We love our lake house.....a home away from home. And the girls love it too. I can't believe that they behave when not on their leash. They stay right in the area and Lucy plays with the neighbor's Pomeranian and another neighbor's Cocker Spaniel. Molly has yet to be that brave.

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