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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Up and Coming Project

This Cuddle Bear looks strange from the side because of the bottom. Really this is correct. If makes the bear very nice to hold close and love.
I need a little more practice on the face. I did it with worsted weight yarn. I also will be stuffing it more........This bear really isn't hard to do. I didn't have a picture with the pattern and when I was doing the bottom I thought there was something wrong with the pattern. It was right.

The Cuddle Bear Program is on going in Canada but there is nothing here. I know that I can't make all the bears but I hope to do 4 a month. The program is for these bears to be given to nursing homes for patients with Alzheimer's and dementia. I am presently waiting for more information on this worthy program and am hoping to get one started here through Loves Many Cloths. We are in the progress of field testing and this may take a little while.........since we need to have a few bears made. I will keep y'all posted as to how it is going.

If anyone may be interested in lending a hand when this gets off the ground please leave a comment.

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