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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our first Camping Trip

Ok gas prices are soaring and it is cutting into how we live and where we go........Our plan has always been to buy a camper. Well we wanted to do that while I was still working. So we did. We are very blessed to have places to go that are not far by a long shot. We stayed our first weekend at Arrowhead Campgrounds where we bought our camper..........Hey, we stayed free. Our biggest gripe was someone was to show us how to hook up to our truck and other things. No one did, so our camper is still sitting at Arrowhead.............The nice thing is that it is only about 15 minutes from home. I told y'all that we have places close by..........Our state park just about as far.

We are planning to camp on the other side of Donalsonville, GA and that is maybe an hour away.........I am so glad we did this and it is great to take our fur babies with us. They were really good.

Do you see Molly sitting at the table?

Jerry has always been my cook. Am I spoiled or what??

A 21 footer. Just the right size. I just love it. This is an Ameri Lite made by Gulf Stream. We have already made plans to go to Emerald Lake in GA with the couple who was camped beside us. That had just bought their Ameri Lite 24 ft the same week we did.


Dana said...

Hey Diane,
Love it! It looks so serene in that area..and GREEN...we are finally getting buds on the trees here.
The camper is adorable..just right. I hope to be able to replace our '16x80 for a real home and then go real camping somewhere someday. Darran says only if the racecar can follow behind..LOL
Fur babies looked right at home...right where "mama" is!
Glad you had fun!
Love Dana

thesuzvk said...

Molly sure knows how to rough it in style! Dh and I are wondering if we get an rv for retirement, if we could outrun the bill collectors. Maybe they couldn't find us! Worth a try. I must confess, I have tried to send this comment twice and I couldn't figure out either of the word verification codes. Must be an IQ test that I failed!

Love Wins

MJ said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying camping. I know we enjoy our roadtreck and it is I think 20 feet. What fun!

The bears you are making are absolutely adorable! I especially love the brown knitted one.

I just had to visit seeing how you were kind enough to visit my journal.