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Sunday, January 15, 2006


OK friends!!! I joined curves Jan 21. My weight-well- I can't really tell for sure because the Dr's scale said 159 ouch!! Curves scale said 156 the same day. I think I will take that one. I bought a digital scale from Avon. hmm remember I am a rep. Got a good deal. This morning it read 152.6. I am telling you this because I am losing weight. Praise the Lord. It was He that put the desire to get serious about my declining body.
So ya'll will be traveling this road with me. You will see the ups and I hope there are no downs. If you are contemplating joining Curves by all means do it. In 30 fast minutes you are finished. It is a lot of fun and you WILL see results. This was a very good decision especially for my aging body. Wish me God's blessing on this endevour. Thank you, friends
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