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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some finished Objects

Here are a few items that I finally finished. I think the yellow mittens may be a size larger than the hat. But the yellow hat does stretch some. I did the mittens on circs. Oh what fun doing the thumb on circs. The cloths are some from Monthly Dishcloths KAL. I hope to do every one of them for the year. I do have all yarn needed. I had run out of yarn on the baby jacket and couldn't find matching yarn so I shortened the sleeves by 2 rounds. Looks good to me.

Ok Now I am going to get an early start on my knitting.

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nancy blanchong said...

Hi Diane! I LOVE that little sweater! do you have a pattern that you can share? Hey~could you please e-mail me? I don't seem to have your address and I would love to send you a picture!