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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just another temporary spot

So glad that this is just for one weekend. It sure was private but because we were next to the highway I couldn't let the girls loose. I know that Molly would have taken off and I couldn't bear the thought of losing her that way. Any way this weekend sure was windy but beautiful. We moved today and I will be taking pictures next weekend when I will be there for 1 week plus 2 weekends. Really looking forward to it and praying for good weather.

The Red Line Food Express was moved this weekend also and the park was packed; that is why we are in front of the A-Frame. We had some fabulous entertainment...'The Vegas Road Show". Emerald Lake RV Resort in planning a 'big' shing ding July 4th 2009. I will let you know more the closer we get to that date.

We are moving to the back private area where we can open the door and the girls can go out the door to the field. They love going to our "lake house". Picture to come in 2 weeks.

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