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Monday, May 8, 2006

Coming Through

The blanket is coming through the loom and boy is it soft. (Remember, this blanket is done in bulky weight Red Heart Baby Clouds.) The loom itself is 15 inches long. It isn't hard to get used to. When full it makes a blanket 48 inches wide (that is what the instructions say) and how ever long you wish to make it. If you use the tube wrapping goes fast and it doesn't take long at all to do a row. I am really impressed with this loom. And I plan to buy some more from Check out her looms. They are very well made and service is excellent.

I am now looking at one for 1 over 1 using sport or worsted weight. Be sure to check out Cindi's looms.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Your blankie is looking really nice so far Diane...I love the color and the yarn...keep working on it... can't wait to see the finished blankie..I'm sure it will be beautiful!
Michelle from Loves