My Birthday

Friday, February 20, 2009

First Pair of Mittens

These are 2 needles mittens and really are easy. The pattern was given by our Love's member Maureen from New Jersey. Thank you much, Maureen. I want to be a mitten maker in the future.

I have a "few" projects going and need to make the FO's (finished objects). My crafting moods are constantly changing and I think it is high time that I focus on just a few. Of course there will always be cloths. That is how Love's Many Cloths started and they can be lots of fun to do.


Wendy said...

great job on the mittens...I will have to give them a try sometime...She is going to love her set...

Darcie said...

Those are really pretty! Are the mittens seamed at the side?

But I have to ask... what do you need mittens and a hat for in Florida?? : )

pinkangel said...

Thank you Darcie, Really last night and this morning one indeed needed a hat and mittens. Below freezing it was. Great day in the 60's today though.

I make for charity....These were supposed to go to a student of mine but I gave her a bigger hat instead.