My Birthday

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First KAL

I have just joined a yahoo dishcloth group and they have a Knit-A-Long. Two a month. This is the first one. Have no idea yet what the picture is going to be but I will be posting the finished ones all year long. Now I have just given y'all my commitment. Hope I don't fail.


Wendy said...

SOOOO glad to have you back in blogland...Hey what KAL group have you joined? I have not done any KAL's in awhile, Have been too busy with other things. Been getting stuff stocked in Etsy is my task of the moment...

sailorcross said...

Oh, are you doing the same KAL as I am?

I'm just about to do the last two days, block and then post my pic.

Are you doing the 2009 dishcloth challenge? I didn't last year, but I think I'm going to try this year.

Too many other commitments last year took me away from this. I belong to 2 dishcloth groups, so--let's see--that 48 dishcloths a year!!

Lucky I have two daughters who are constantly wanting more!!

Good to meet you, former PA buddy!! It's sleeting, freezing rain and just going to be a mess here tonight!! I'm going to stay in, update my blog look (I'm going to try anyway!) and knit, knit, knit!!