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Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Camper

This is our 2007 31 foot Keystone Sprinter. It is really roomy for its size. The 2 slides give plenty of space for 2 people and 2 fur babies. The grill belongs to Don but we have use after we clean it up. Hasn't been used in a while.
Our little home also has a king size bed and we just got Dish. A home away from home that we love.

A local Ford dealer is looking for a F-250 for us. We really need a bigger truck to pull this. We hope to be able to do some traveling in just a few years.

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Darcie said...

It looks heavenly! I asked my husband the other day if we could travel all winter to warm places when we retire, but he told me that by the time the kids leave home we wouldnt be able to afford to go anywhere. He may be right, darn. :)