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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hubby's Socks Finished

I have finally finished them...I think I need to keep track of how much time it takes me to knit a pair of socks................I like doing them together on 2 sets of dp's. I still am able to finish them together....
Have you seen KP's new Harmony needles...........Well I just had to order a set of small dp's and then I will turn around and get the 2nd set. I will be sure to post a picture when they get here.
Next pic will be Jerry with his new socks on his feet. I am very pleased with how well they fit.


Kelly said...

Hi Diane! I asked you about Essentials yarn and you said to add to leg and foot length because it shrinks. Do you know how much to add? Thanks.
Great job on the socks BTW.


Diane said...

Hey Kelly about 1/2 inch as I am told. I love the essentials yarn. Actually I did Jerry's to size and they fit but they haven't been washed yet. I am going to wash these by hand............

Diane said...

oops Kelly this pair is made for the 100% wool telemark from KnitPicks.

Kelly said...

Thanks Diane!!