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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lastest Pair

I am really surprised that I can make socks. I never imagined using 4 or even 5 needles at once. Granted it is easier using 2 circular needles or also 1 long circular needle but for some reason I really like using double points. I love my KnitPick needles. The yarn slides so nice on them without falling off. This is my lastest pair of socks and I am impressed with how they look on even though I am still having a bit of trouble with a hole on one side of the gusset and the kitchner stitch. Oh the stitch is easy enough but I alway loose my place. Well that part is in the shoe anyway...........But I am really looking forward to making a pair without mistakes. I want to thank Stepanie Pearl McPhee for her book Knitting Rules...........This is the only knitting book that I have that I want to read cover to cover and in it she has the easiest receipe for socks....Thank you Yarn Harlot.
These socks are made with Knit Picks Essentials in Petunia with size 3.25 mm dp's...........with the baby cable pattern


Wendy said...

I love them and they are my fav color........One of these years I will hopefully be doing some of my own. It still scares me to even think about using 5 needles. Having a hard enough time with 2.

Kelly said...

I love your socks, I have the same problem with the grafting. I always lose my place. I have that book and her directions for grafting are the best i have found.

kadezmom said...

LOVE the socks!!!! Great job, darlin'. I'm glad somebody likes double points! I wouldn't give up my long circulars for ANYTHING!

Stash Bustin' said...

OMG Diane....I am so with you....I love knitting socks on dpns. I like to use 2circs and I have tried the magic loop but I prefer dpns.