My Birthday

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is about time

Hey y'all I have really been slack in posting to my blog. Actually we have been quite busy. That is our Loves house. We have a new project "Many Squares of Love in the Loves4TroopsPlus room. Michelle and I are the joiners of the lovely squares that we have been getting. I have joined 4 afghans so far. We are sending to Landstuhl Germany for our troops on their way home. The planes are quite cold. Also some are going to United States Wounded Soldiers Foundation in Ohio while still more are going to Angels "N Camoflauge located in TX. So you see I have been busy. We still have our cloth needs also. Here are pictures of the aghans that I have joined so far. Be sure to look at the beautiful tag that our Loves sister Christine has done to put on the back of the ghans to personalize them for the receiver.

Oh almost forgot. We have 6 to make for a VA hospital in Lake City Florida. So busy we are.

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