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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just some more stuff

I really like the look of the knitted cloths.
This is a new pattern for me from Lion Brand.
They have the stitch of the week and many of their patterns are perfect for the cloths. This is done on size 7 needles and of course I use my knitpicks.

These are several of my looms. The darker one is also from Lion Brand. It is the Old Fashioned Knitting Board. I love the feel and look of it. On it is a scarf (which looks knitted on both sides) done in Lion Brand Homespun.

The little one in the front is from Cindiwood Crafts. It is perfect for cloths but it doesn't have the rounded pegs so as of now I am having a little trouble with it.

Now the long one in the back: I don't remember where I got it. The pegs are really close together and I am thinking about making a scarf for the Red Scarf project in January.

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